A complete set of technology for desulfurization with reduced top pressure
Time: 2021-09-14

Methyldiethanolamine solution is used as the desulfurizing agent, and the high pressure pump is used to pressurize the desulfurizing agent as the motive medium of the ejector. The high pressure desulfurizing agent is sucked into the normal reduced head gas through the ejector, and is fully mixed and pressurized with the normal reduced head gas to achieve the process The required discharge pressure makes methyldiethanolamine more effective in absorbing H2S.
The gas-liquid mixture discharged from the ejector is discharged into the methyldiethanolamine solution tank, and further contacts and reacts with the methyldiethanolamine solution in the tank, and the H2S in the gas is removed. The gas that cannot react with the methyldiethanolamine is in the tank. The inside is separated from the solution and discharged. The rich liquid of methyldiethanolamine that absorbs H2S gas is pumped out of the tank through a rich liquid pump, the rich liquid is separated and recovered by steam heating, and the separated solution is reused as fresh liquid.
Technical advantages:
1) The system structure is simple, and the equipment investment is small;
2) No moving parts, reliable operation, low operation and maintenance costs;
3) High boosting and air extraction efficiency, low operating cost;
4) The gas-liquid mixture is fully mixed and the desulfurization effect is good;
5) It is not restricted by gas temperature and working medium, and has strong adaptability;

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