Steam-sealed cooler
Time: 2021-09-14

When a steam turbine adopts an internal leakage shaft seal system, a steam seal cooler is generally used to heat the condensed water and recover the shaft seal leakage, thereby reducing shaft seal leakage and heat loss, and improving the environmental conditions of the workshop. The air that enters with the leaking steam of the shaft seal is usually led to the steam ejector on the seal cooler by a connecting pipe, and is removed by the negative pressure generated by the latter to ensure the micro-vacuum state of the seal cooler. In this way, the first chamber of each shaft seal also maintains a slight vacuum, and the shaft seal does not leak steam.
Function: Used to extract the steam and gas mixture of the steam turbine seal system to prevent the steam from leaking from the end seal to the turbine room and oil system to pollute the environment and damage the oil quality. The steam-gas mixture enters the air-sealed cooler to be cooled into water, which heats the condensed water, and the remaining non-condensed gas is discharged to the atmosphere. It has been widely used in energy and power, air conditioning and refrigeration, petrochemical and other fields.
The air-sealed cooler is a special vacuum-forming device independently developed by our company with many years of experience in vacuum system design, comparing the product characteristics of professional manufacturers at home and abroad, strictly in accordance with the requirements of HEI, using the professional technology of foreign professional manufacturers, and independent development. It is especially suitable for vacuuming the steam turbine and main condenser of the condensing steam turbine condensing system. This product mainly has the following characteristics:
1. Reliable performance
The performance and structural parameters of the product are designed in strict accordance with the requirements of HEI, and can fully meet the requirements of the standard. At the same time, it combines the strengths of others in structure and adopts a special installation structure, which makes it easier for the product to meet the special performance requirements of the system in terms of manufacturing, installation and use. At the same time, compared with similar products of other structures, the performance is more reliable and the operation stability is better. `
2. Since this product is a static device, it is easier to maintain after normal operation.

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