VD/VOD/RH vacuum refining complete equipment
Time: 2021-09-14

The vacuum pump is the main equipment of the vacuum system. Based on years of experimental research and popularization and application, Xihu Vacuum Equipment Factory has initially formed two series of products: full steam jet vacuum pump series and steam jet-water ring vacuum pump series. The full steam jet vacuum pump series use a certain pressure of steam and cooling water as the working medium of the pump. The steam jet-water ring vacuum pump uses a certain pressure, relatively little steam and cooling water as the working medium, and consumes a small amount of electricity. .
The full steam jet vacuum pump has a large steam consumption and needs to be equipped with a larger boiler, but the cost of the vacuum equipment body is lower; the steam jet-water ring vacuum pump has a lower steam consumption and can be equipped with a smaller boiler, but the vacuum equipment body The cost is relatively high, and both can fully meet the requirements of refining outside the molten steel furnace.
Among them, RH vacuum cycle refining method and VD/VOD ladle vacuum refining are both multifunctional refining methods. The former has a stronger stirring function for molten steel, and has a certain heating function for molten steel, but it is expensive and has a more complicated structure; if the latter can be reasonably strengthened by blowing argon at the bottom of the ladle, it can still fully stir molten steel and obtain ideal power. Academic conditions and effects; if the VD and LF are doubled, the ideal molten steel refining temperature can be reached, and the structure is simple and the cost is low. RH is suitable for larger furnace capacity (≥80 tons), and the furnace capacity of LF/VD is generally unlimited, which can be as small as several tons. Both methods have the functions of removing [H], removing [N], removing [S], removing [O] under vacuum, as well as vacuum carbon deoxygenation (VCD) and vacuum oxygen decarburization (VOD), both of which can achieve refined ultra-purity The effect of steel.

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