Storage tank organic waste gas pressurized injection recovery technology
Time: 2021-09-14

The storage tank organic waste gas pressurized injection recovery technology is to directly use the desulfurizer power medium, use a circulating pump to pressurize the desulfurizer, and pressurize the storage tank waste gas through a liquid ejector to make the desulfurization effect of the desulfurizer better, and combine the storage tank waste gas with The desulfurizing agent is fully mixed to completely react the H2S in the waste gas of the storage tank with the desulfurizing agent to achieve the purpose of desulfurization. An absorption tower is added at the outlet of the gas-liquid separation tail gas, and the interior is filled with fillers. The desulfurizing agent is further used for secondary desulfurization to achieve Expected desulfurization effect, while absorbing part of other oil and gas.
Some storage tank exhaust gas also contains hydrocarbon components. Diesel oil is directly used as the motive medium, the diesel is pressurized by the circulating pump, the desulfurized storage tank exhaust gas is pressurized through the liquid ejector, and the storage tank exhaust gas is fully mixed with the power medium. , So that the hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas of the storage tank can be fully absorbed.
The above two new processing technologies can be used separately as a complete system, or can be combined together to make the processing method more flexible and effective.
After the desulfurization absorption process, the low-concentration storage tank waste gas is pretreated and diluted to make its concentration far below the lower limit of the explosion limit. In the case of high concentration, the system will automatically replenish harmless gases such as nitrogen to increase the dilution level and keep it within a safe concentration range. The waste gas from the storage tank is piped to the flare system for incineration treatment. It has realized malodor treatment and resource recovery, and achieved a win-win situation for economic and social benefits.

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